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Featured Poem • April 2015


Time Travel Autumn


Wendy Rathbone


The fields are restless Old orange Jack comes to life again The moon’s a criminal among the orphan trees Ancient Septembers New Octobers Rust eye-shadow from old chains makes the ghosts cry The deathclock knows no time only spun fall ubiquitous forever dust-man repeating and repeating the same cicada songs Madness smells of stars dragon-hot Even the bones of the dead ache Autumn make me a winter sun in these crushed glass hours take me mica child street god to the lost avenues of an ebon moon



Wendy RathboneWendy Rathbone has sold over 500 poems to dozens of markets. Recent poems sold to: Asimov’s SF, Apex, Strange Horizons, Dreams and Nightmares, Scifaikuest, and Pedestal Magazine. She also writes novels and short stories (see her author page on Amazon.) Her newest poetry collection, Turn Left at November, will be out this year from Eldritch Press. Her newest science fiction novel on Amazon is Letters to an Android, which also contains haiku! She lives in Yucca Valley, CA, and blogs at http://wendyrathbone.blogspot.com/.



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