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Featured Poem II • October 2015


The Fallen Months


Wendy Rathbone


September: she is made of the terrible fruits of red suns going down broken moons leaving glass and crystal pathways to space her raincoat sewn from silver ghosts still howling October: in the dew-ice he trembles my love of the hour of flickering eyes what moves past the moon is unexplainable and draculean all the dusks echo with worried winds and wings November: in your suit of starlight through your damp trees you promise a glimpse of gold cities someone is running through the soft hills of acorns and leaves December: where the streets turn to black satin where harbingers go where we become sleep-tossed in our flannel beds where snow gondolas glide where the long blue night walks alone



Wendy RathboneWendy Rathbone has sold over 500 poems, as well as short stories. Her most recent short story appears in A Darke Phantastique. Her most recent poetry book, Turn Left at November, came out in 2015 from Eldritch Press. She has poetry upcoming in Asimov’s Science Fiction. She is also the author of the science fiction novels Pale Zenith and Letters to an Android, the latter of which contains haiku. Her vampire novel, Lace, is just out, as well as a hot and heavy space opera gay romance, Scoundrel. You can find a list of all her books at this link. She blogs at http://wendyrathbone.blogspot.com/.



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