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Featured Poem • March 2014


Dreams of Bone


Christina Sng


I am bone tired and weary. These calcified white twigs Thud dully as they collide, Collapsing Into an inverted pyramid, Remnant of an hourglass Clasped in a small hand, Tiny as a bird’s, eyes Saucer-wide, blinking. I stay by the quiet Oasis in the sands, The silent waterfall With clear blue water I can breathe in. I devour serenity In that old cabin Sitting on the lip of the lake, Ebbing over crystalline water As green grass Unrolls like a lazy carpet Over the sighing sand. Trees emerge, triumphant From the damp Dew-drenched grass, Branches outstretched, Embracing the sun— Their long lost friend. I catch the light On my pale death skin, Torched from summer’s kiss, While swirling black holes Grind craters into my flesh, Like exhausted match tips After a brief, fierce burn. These scorched blooms, Autumn's red roses Once plump and succulent; Green fields of abundance, Now oases in winter: The outcasts of the desert; The ice sculpture in the fire. And in the sunshine, I shatter, Scattering ash and ice Over the water; The cradle of life: The place of new beginnings. The land of a dreamless sleep.



Christina SngChristina Sng is the author of poetry collections: The Darkside of Eden (Allegra Press, 2002), Angelflesh (Sam’s Dot Publishing, 2002), and Dark Dreams (Naked Snake Press, 2006). Her work has received several Honorable Mentions in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror as well as a Rhysling nomination. Although currently on hiatus to focus on paying back her sleep debt and raising her young children, she still dreams in prose.



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