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From the Mythic Delirium Books archives • Mythic Delirium Books

From the Mythic Delirium Books archives


From Mythic Delirium, Issue 29, Summer/Fall 2013


The Edge of Visible Light


Preston Grassmann


I still remember the way the sunlight opened through the glass, turning through your carvings like the petals of winter flowers. Long before I could ever know the language of your light, you would read to me out loud, and I would wonder how colors could form into ideas and dreams. I studied your words when you were gone, because that was everything I had of your world. When the stories of your life would open around me, I would imagine how far and long the light had traveled, to finally flower into the patterns you had made, a part of you there in the word forms you had carved for us. I would ask father about those stories but it was painful to watch his eyes turn through memories I could never share, Iris in winter blue as if they too were books made by you, tear-shaped prisms turning in your light. And so I learned how to read the angles of refraction and decided to go to the edge of Indigo. I could feel the sun through the castle walls and passing each tower, arranged in the order of their colors, I finally reached the edge of visible light, where all the epitaphs shone through its crystals into puzzles of meaning leading to some center. The other towers seemed so much smaller then, as if Indigo contained worlds and I read the other names of those who had passed from the visible world, until I reached yours. And when I saw it there, I thought of how far it had traveled from the heart of the sun to arrive at that moment, to fill the room and refract through me like winter-flowering iris this living prism of your stories, and that was when I knew that I would become a carver like you, because I could feel how much I have been shaped by you and your words filled with the light and meaning you gave me. This is my very first crystal, and though I am still learning how to turn light into stories I hope that one day, these ideas and dreams will reach you. Love, Clarity




“The Edge of Visible Light” first appeared in Mythic Delirium, Issue 29, Summer/Fall 2013.
“The Edge of Visible Light” copyright © 2011 by Preston Grassmann. This poem may not be reproduced in any form without the author’s express written permission.