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Mythic Delirium 4.2, October–December 2017

Cover by Lasse Paldanius

ISSN 2329-2490


Table of Contents


Myths and Delusions • Editorial


Featured in October
The Elevator Illimitable • James Van Pelt
Baucis and Philemon • Trent Walters
The Heart Stopped (Mid-Race) • Virginia M. Mohlere


Featured in November
The Desert Cure • Daniel Ausema
Backswamp Atlantis • Alix Bosley
Submerged • Maura McHugh

Featured in December
The Water and the World • Premee Mohamed
Lotus Moon • Mary Soon Lee
Signs • David C. Kopaska-Merkel


Cover art: “Immaculate Atom Heart”
by Lasse Paldanius

About the Artist


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