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By Yukimi Ogawa
Like Smoke, Like Light: Stories


By Theodora Goss
The Collected Enchantments
Snow White Learns Witchcraft
In the Forest of Forgetting
Songs for Ophelia


By Mike Allen, C. S. E. Cooney,
Amanda J. McGee
and Jessica P. Wick

A Sinister Quartet


Edited by Mike Allen
Clockwork Phoenix: Tales
of Beauty and Strangeness

Clockwork Phoenix 2: More
Tales of Beauty and Strangeness

Clockwork Phoenix 3: New
Tales of Beauty and Strangeness

Clockwork Phoenix 4
Clockwork Phoenix 5


By C. S. E. Cooney
The Twice-Drowned Saint
Dark Breakers
Bone Swans: Stories


By Barbara Krasnoff
The History of Soul 2065


By Nicole Kornher-Stace


By Mike Allen
Slow Burn
Aftermath of an
Industrial Accident

Hungry Constellations (poems)
The Spider Tapestries
The Sky-Riders
(with Paul Dellinger)

Edited by Mike and Anita Allen
Mythic Delirium
Mythic Delirium: Volume Two


Read Yukimi Ogawa’s ‘Big Idea’ essay
at John Scalzi’s blog

Like Smoke, Like Light

Stories by Yukimi Ogawa

introduction by Francesca Forrest


Publishers Weekly Best Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror title of 2023
2023 Locus Magazine Recommended Reading List, Best Collection


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“Ogawa’s debut collection of 17 speculative shorts stuns with its delicacy … There’s a gorgeous fluidity to these tales that makes them hard to pin down, as they often end somewhere very different from where they began. Harkening back to the oldest folk and fairy tales and raising pointed questions about how humans value and devalue each other, this is a showstopper.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Her work is unexpected, often horrific, and always enthralling. Weaving Japanese folklore in with the new, the weird, and science fiction horror elements, Ogawa’s body of work is prolific and evergreen.”
—Thea James, Tor.com

Cover art by Paula Arwen Owen

A monster wearing the stolen dress of a deceased mother agrees to help the woman’s orphaned son. A girl whose blood can cause hallucinogenic visions makes a daring escape from the merchants who traffic her. In a society where people are prized for their jewel-hued skins—indigo, silver, amber, emerald—one girl endures brutal bruises to shine brightest of all, while another, her eyes sealed inside a featureless helmet, risks death to retrieve colors from the outside world. In the future of that culture, one where androids serve with brimming resentment and artificially altering one’s skin color can be a crime, the most ordinary in appearance can prove the best detectives, and the most subtly effective rebels. On a far distant space station, another android encounters a goddess humans forgot.

“At pure surface level, these works appear rooted in the fantastical and magical, but as soon as you think you’ve found your footing and understand where you are, Ogawa warps your perception almost imperceptibly until the world is completely unfamiliar again.”
—Haralambi Markov, Tor.com

Like Smoke, Like Light, the debut collection of short fiction from Japanese author Yukimi Ogawa, gathers seventeen tales that Locus Magazine has described as constructed in a “wild—but still grounded, feeling more like SF than fantasy—fashion.” As novelist and poet Francesca Forrest writes in her introduction, “Ogawa is a remarkable light in the science fiction and fantasy firmament,” who “writes unsettling stories that are by turns horrifying and touching.” This book “give us space and time to think about how we really feel about tricky questions—like what makes a monster” and how loving families can be found when one accepts “the forms they choose to wear.”

With cover art and interior illustrations by Paula Arwen Owen.

More praise for Like Smoke, Like Light

“Inventive, fantastical, and original; Ogawa transforms mythology, ghost stories, and the tropes of science fiction into fresh, new visions.”
—A. C. Wise, Bram Stoker, British Fantasy, Shirley Jackson, and World Fantasy award-nominated author of The Ghost Sequences

“Yukimi Ogawa’s first collection reveals her as a superb talent. These unsettling, sometimes harrowing journeys lead always toward grace and strange beauty.”
—C. C. Finlay, winner of the World Fantasy Award and author of the Traitor to the Crown series

“These luminous stories—playful one minute, tragic the next—feel like the folklore of some alternate reality world. Often, they explore themes of how our identity is linked with our physicality … how others perceive us, and the ways in which that outside perception affects how we perceive ourselves. Yukimi Ogawa’s tales are as enchanting, heartbreaking, and gorgeous as the characters they revolve around.”
—Jeffrey Thomas, Bram Stoker Award finalist and author of Punktown and The Unnamed Country


  • The Charity of Monsters: Introduction by Francesca Forrest
  • Like Smoke, Like Light
  • Perfect
  • Welcome to the Haunted House
  • The Colorless Thief
  • The Flying Head at the Edge of Night
  • In Her Head, in Her Eyes
  • Town’s End
  • Taste of Opal
  • Hundred Eye
  • Grayer Than Lead, Heavier Than Snow
  • Rib
  • The Shroud for the Mourners
  • Blue Gray Blue
  • Ripen
  • Ever Changing, Ever Turning
  • Nini
  • The Tree, and the Center of the World


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