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About the Artist

Elena de' Grimani

Elena de’ Grimani

Elena de’ Grimani, a native of Italy, has loved two things since she was born, animals and art. Her early life was dedicated to competitive horse showing, dressage and jumping, but an accident at age 20 changed her career path.

Rigel Anedonia by Elena De’ Grimani

Rigel Anedonia by Elena De’ Grimani

Returning to her love of drawing, she made the move to graphic novels. In two years she wrote, illustrated and self-published three issues involving her original creation, the vampire Rigel. In 2000, Panini Comics/Marvel Italy, recognizing her talent as a writer, artist and character designer, hired her on to continue her Rigel series under their masthead.

She has continued her Rigel story arcs and introduced new characters and comics such as Tinebra, Luna, Chadia and the soon-to-be-released Asteroidea.

She has worked as a freelance artist, penciler and inker with many other publishers such as Star Comics and Red Whale.

She currently lives on a quiet farm outside of Rome with her husband Francesco, where they provide a sanctuary for abandoned animals, which is something of a family tradition.

She has a soft spot for things dark, creepy and gothic. She is also a compulsive reader and is now trying her hand at illustrating stories and painting cover art.

She also warns she has a terrible temper and isn’t afraid to show it!


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