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About the Artist • Mythic Delirium Books

About the Artist

Photo by Anne Sampson

Photo by Anne Sampson

Anita Allen, artist, editor, passionate gardener and wife of Mike Allen, absolutely hates that he makes her write this stuff. She prefers to remain happily watching from the shadows. The light . . . it burns! But no, Mayhem Man requires she provide a new bio as the old one (still valid) is old.

So this is the sparkly, glittery, fairy-dust-coated new and improved bio that says the same stuff. Anita makes wicked cool art things (you can see them created in stages and comment/interact while she works at her Facebook art page The Fairie Emporium) and on certain nights, when the moon is right, she lets her art be seen by the public at art shows.

Her writing credentials (aside from editing Mythic Delirium and Clockwork Phoenix) are limited to a few published poems (a couple with Mike) and illustrations in semipro magazines and one pro short-story sale. She prefers “sculpting” others’ works into the best possible form so editing suits her better.

She desperately hates the limelight and only writes these bios because Mike gives her pitiful puppy eyes.


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