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New featured poems from the MYTHIC DELIRIUM archives • Mythic Delirium Books

New featured poems from the MYTHIC DELIRIUM archives

May 4th, 2014 No Comments

I’m proud to present three more poems from our print archives, free for your entertainment consumption, all of them originally published in 2012.
From Issue 26:
• The first draft of John Philip Johnson’s “Plutoid” was written in one of my ReaderCon poetry workshops. I admire its gritty take on life in space, how it pulls no punches over its brutish and short span.
• Virginia M. Mohlere’s “This Illusion of Flesh” is a beautiful work that’s difficult to sum up, though this snippet from Brit Mandelo’s review at Tor.com constitutes a good try: “The narrator speaks of change not as magical transformations but as contained entirely and eternally within her … The refusal to accept the static version of herself, and the embrace of the multitudes of her own body and identity, are fabulously rendered in image and verse.”
From Issue 27:
• Finally, a rare bit of poetry from much-celebrated writer Ken Liu — a playful and rhyme-full steampunk exploration with an illustration from longtime Mythic Delirium veterans Don Eaves and Terrence Mollendor. It’s called “Sonnet 20: From Nikola Tesla’s Clockwork Assistant to Thomas Edison’s Automaton.”

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