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A little progress report • Mythic Delirium Books

A little progress report

September 2nd, 2014 No Comments

This is just a quick note to let folks know how things stand in the house of Mythic Delirium.
First, submissions: as always, I have a ton of other projects going on; as a result, I’ve only this past week begun responding to submissions received for issues 1.4 and 2.1. Though I would have preferred to start reading a little bit quicker, this isn’t too far off my planned schedule. The reading window still has a month to go, so please keep lobbing in words — am hoping to see lots of adventurous stuff, especially in the poetry department.
On the production end of things, the last of the featured content from Mythic Delirium 1.1 is about to go live; Mythic Delirium 1.2 is in the proofing stage, with an official table of contents announcement coming shortly; and I’ve selected the lineup for Mythic Delirium 1.3.
If the website were finished (yes, I know, I’ve been running Mythic Delirium Mark II for more than a year and the site actually still has “under construction” signs up in spots — just don’t ask me if I ever fully unpacked after our last move house) it would be even more evident that publishing some of my own work is part of the new Mythic Delirium configuration, especially as I have and will continue to offer said books as Kickstarter rewards. That said, my newest poetry collection, Hungry Constellations, is out in paperback and ebook form, with a career-spanning selection of poems curated by Dominik Parisien and an introduction by Amal El-Mohtar. And soon I’m going to release a new novelette, The Sky-Riders, a light-hearted steampunk Western co-written with my buddy Paul Dellinger.
The paperback anthology collecting the first four issues of Mythic Delirium Mark II is on the horizon and approaching fast, with beautiful cover art from Hugo Award winner Galen Dara. Much more news on that project, and other future ambitions, coming soon.

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