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Quick CLOCKWORK PHOENIX 5 update: queries welcome • Mythic Delirium Books

Quick CLOCKWORK PHOENIX 5 update: queries welcome

August 24th, 2015 No Comments

Cover art by Paula Arwen Owen. So Anita and I have gone through all of the approximately 1,350 submissions we received. I want to express my gratitude to assistant editors Catherine Reniere, Sally Brackett Roberston, and especially Sabrina West, for helping us respond to these many, many hopefuls in a reasonably timely fashion.
At this point, if you sent a story in to Clockwork Phoenix 5 and haven’t heard back, either your story has made it to the final elimination round (heh) or you slipped through the cracks. We do our best to prevent the latter, but it seems like there’s always someone who gets missed, so I encourage folks to query. (Send queries to clockworkphoenix@gmail.com.)
The final round is always the toughest. At present there’s about 60 stories awaiting our final decisions; no volume of Clockwork Phoenix has ever held more than 18 stories. I anticipate it will take us a few more weeks yet to make those choices.
I should remind folks that Mythic Delirium is open to submissions now (guidelines here). I should also mention that we don’t want stories that were rejected from Clockwork Phoenix resubmitted to Mythic Delirium; it is possible, however, that some of the authors who don’t end up fitting into Clockwork Phoenix will get an offer for a slot in Mythic Delirium, with the understanding that they may wish to submit elsewhere first or instead. We did that last time and it worked out well.

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