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February story and poems now live: Layton, Lindsann, Bishop • Mythic Delirium Books

February story and poems now live: Layton, Lindsann, Bishop

February 8th, 2016 No Comments

Mythic_Delirium_2_3_web_smallIt’s a constant refrain here at Mythic Delirium Books right now: so much is happening that it’s a challenge to coherently chronicle it. Last week we enjoyed the unexpected but much deserved appearance of C.S.E. Cooney’s collection Bone Swans and novella “The Bone Swans of Amandale” on the 2015 Locus Recommended Reading List.
In the zine zone, we also released our featured story and featured poems for February, offering variations on hellish themes from the “pages” of the Jan.-March 2016 issue of Mythic Delirium.
Luz and Bee at the Beach” by Janna Layton is a short, witty and intensely disturbing vignette about higher powers lounging amid the madding crowd.
The violent theme continues in Olchar E. Lindsann’s “The Immortal Accursed,” a villanelle about an eternal curse that may well undo its Creator.
Shifting out of the metaphysical, “When the Gunman Comes” by Edith Hope Bishop is a thoughtful and sad meditation on the alarmingly common American problem of mass shootings – and we’re proud to note that it’s also Edie’s first publication!
If you don’t want to wait for our March features to go live, and if you want to make sure you get an early copy of our April-June issue, with works from Theodora Goss, Roshani Chokshi, A.J. Odasso, Virginia M. Mohlere, Alisa Alering, and more, you can click this link to subscribe.

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