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The summer issue of Mythic Delirium is live! • Mythic Delirium Books

The summer issue of Mythic Delirium is live!

July 5th, 2016 No Comments

MD_3_1_smallThis newest issue kicks off the fourth year of Mythic Delirium Mark II, and it launches as Anita and I prepare to see friends and hawk our wares at Readercon.
Our summer offering gives center stage to a trio of voices from the far side of the world: Suzanne J. Willis brings a beautiful and gruesome story of maps inked on skin and where they lead; Benjanun Sriduangkaew shares a story of a space-faring arms dealer who is herself a weapon; and Yukimi Ogawa rejoins us with a mash-up of mythology and multiple genres that’s unlike anything you’ve ever read.
Our poetry crew this time around consists of Jane Yolen, Lynette Mejía, Christina Sng, Ada Hoffman, Kavitha Rath and Lyndsey Silveira, who together take us on tours through realms of legend and sorcery, dinosaurs and death personified.
Our cover art comes from Lissanne Lake, illustrator of the Buckland Romani Tarot.
Here’s the contents and the schedule for upcoming features:

Featured in July
The Cartographer’s Price • Suzanne J. Willis
Half in Love with Easeful Death • Lynette Mejía
Mirror to the Other Side • Christina Sng


Featured in August
Comet’s Call • Benjanun Sriduangkaew
I learned • Lyndsey Silveira
Million-Year Elegies: Edmontonia • Ada Hoffmann

Featured in September
Left Behind • Yukimi Ogawa
Morgan Le Fay at the Downtown Mall • Kavitha Rath
Rusalka • Jane Yolen

If you don’t want to wait three months to read the entire issue, you can purchase it for $2.99 at Amazon (click here) or at Weightless Books (click here), or subscribe (click here) on the Mythic Delirium Books website. Subscriptions are also available at Weightless Books.

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