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Our first Mythic Delirium issue of 2017 is live

January 2nd, 2017 No Comments

Art by Paula Arwen Owen

Mythic Delirium starts off 2017 with a new issue and new ways to subscribe.

As of this month, we’ve joined Amazon Newsstand, which means that it’s now possible to purchase full-year subscriptions to Mythic Delirium through Kindle. My thanks to Clarkesworld publisher Neil Clarke, both for encouraging me to keep trying when initial corporate responses seemed unreceptive, and then for patiently talking me through the counter-intuitive setup process, heh, heh.

So here’s a full directory for where you can subscribe and where you can get the complete January–March 2017 issue if you don’t want to wait three months to read the entire thing on the web:


Amazon Kindle | Amazon Kindle UK | Weightless Books | Direct through Paypal

Issue 3.3

Amazon Kindle | Amazon Kindle UK | Weightless Books | Web edition

Here’s a summary of what we’re offering this time out:

Morris Tanafon shows us a horrifying way to prevent a haunting in “Interred with Their Bones,” while Darcie Little Badger’s “The Famine King” conjures a zombie apocalypse so subtle you may wonder if it’s really there. Patricia Russo contemplates trees, enigmatic rituals and the afterlife, in “Observations on the Trees of Peace, the Chirping Lizards, and the Sea at the End of the World.”

Our poetry in this issue, from Beth Cato, Lynn Hardaker, Olchar E. Lindsann, Sonya Taaffe, and Jane Yolen, instructs in the catching of unicorns and release of familiars, the preferences of Baba Yaga and the battling of monsters, the mysteries of Carcosa and the depictions of dinosaurs. 

Our cover art, “Roots of Her Despair,” comes from one of our favorite artists, Paula Arwen Owen.

Here’s the full table of contents, with live links to what’s featured this month:


  • Interred with Their Bones” by Morris Tanafon
  • The Familiar” by Lynn Hardaker
  • A Net to Snare a Unicorn” by Beth Cato
  • “The Famine King” by Darcie Little Badger
  • “Preventative Measures” by Beth Cato
  • “Feisty Girls” by Jane Yolen
  • “Observations on the Trees of Peace, the Chirping Lizards, and the Sea at the End of the World” by Patricia Russo
  • “Exile’s Lament” by Olchar E. Lindsann
  • “The Warm Past” by Sonya Taaffe

We hope you enjoy exploring!

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