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March features by Russo, Lindsann, Taaffe are live, and MYTHIC DELIRIUM is open to submissions • Mythic Delirium Books

March features by Russo, Lindsann, Taaffe are live, and MYTHIC DELIRIUM is open to submissions

March 1st, 2017 2 Comments

Art by Paula Arwen OwenThe first day of March unlocks new fiction and poetry here at the home of Mythic Delirium magazine, and it unlocks a chance for more poets and fictioneers to join in this venture going forward.

• In “Observations on the Trees of Peace, the Chirping Lizards, and the Sea at the End of the World,” Patricia Russo takes us on a strange anthropological journey that involves trees that may be sentient and lizards that may be emissaries from the afterlife.

• Olchar E. Lindsann evokes Clark Ashton Smith and Robert W. Chambers in a poem best read by the shore of Lake Hali, “Exile’s Lament.”

• Sonya Taaffe’s poem “The Warm Past” offers a moving tribute to the late Ely Kish, a painter of eras we know only through fossil records.

The web publication of these works means that all the contents of Issue 3.3 are now free to read. Our next issue, coming next month, holds fiction from Barbara Krasnoff, Shveta Thakrar, and Damien Angelica Walters, and poetry by Sara Cleto, Adele Gardner, Sonya Taaffe, Jessica P. Wick, and Jane Yolen. Our prickly cover art by Susan Jamison has already caused a bit of a stir (of wings).

And the publication of the next issue will mean that every bit of our inventory has been put out on the display shelf. So, we need more! We’re open to poetry and fiction submissions until May 1, and our guidelines are here if you’re the writerly type and want to give it a whirl. We look forward to seeing the words you’ve woven.

I feel a need to add a postscript here that uses another “w” word: wonky, which is how our website might behave from time to time over the next month or two. Some very untimely renovations to the site appear to be necessary — not that unplanned fixes can ever truly be timely. Please pardon our mess and know that whatever problem you might stumble over, we’re working on it.


  1. The link for “our guidelines are here” does not work, unless I’m clicking in the wrong area.

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