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November MYTHIC DELIRIUM features are live! Works by Ausema, Bosley, McHugh

November 5th, 2017 No Comments

Cover by Lasse PaldaniusOur November features from the newest issue of Mythic Delirium have gone live. Here’s what our fall harvest holds:

In “The Desert Cure” by Daniel Ausema, an ailing woman must overcome a charlatan doctor and a possessive river god in an adventure that plunges into the dark and surreal.

Alix Bosley’s “Backswamp Atlantis” meditates in a way both melancholy and defiant on a reverse evolution brought about by changes in landscape and climate.

Submerged” by Maura McHugh pays a visit to the haunting, haunted site of a nautical disaster in the Arctic Circle.

If you’re eager to read the remainder of the issue before December arrives, you can get it on Amazon or at Weightless Books.


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