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SNOW WHITE LEARNS WITCHCRAFT by Theodora Goss reviewed in NEW YORK TIMES • Mythic Delirium Books


February 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Amal El-Mohtar’s latest science fiction and fantasy column for the New York Times Book Review appeared online today to shine spotlights on new novels by Jenn Lyons and Ann Leckie, and on Theodora Goss’s collection of poems and stories, Snow White Learns Witchcraft! It’s the first time Dora has been reviewed in the New York Times, and vicariously it’s a first for Anita’n’me, too. We’re delighted to say the least.

These pieces, all centered on fairy tales, refract and reshape familiar stories as much as they retell them; fairy tales, after all, get told and retold because there are elements in them — young people and old people, trials and quests, a visceral desire for justice — that are universal, while their configurations are almost endlessly changeable. Fairy tales are clothing, and to retell them is fashion.

The fashion of these particular stories and poems is an abundance of lace, roses and porcelain contrasting with fur, snow and blood. The lace is sometimes vicious, the blood sometimes dainty, but everything is always graceful and pretty — even an ogress fantasizing about eating people is actually dreaming of marzipan and butter.

Read the full column here. Find all the ordering links you could want for Snow White Learns Witchcraft here.


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