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Rave reviews of THE HISTORY OF SOUL 2065 by Barbara Krasnoff • Mythic Delirium Books

Rave reviews of THE HISTORY OF SOUL 2065 by Barbara Krasnoff

May 13th, 2019 No Comments

We’re now a month away from the release of The History of Soul 2065, Barbara Krasnoff’s debut collection of short stories. The first reviews have come in, and they’re glowing.

Publishers Weekly was first out of the gate, with one of their coveted starred reviews.

This remarkable mosaic of interconnected stories, many of which were previously published, spans generations to relay the strange, somber, and deeply entwined histories of two Jewish families. In 1914, Chana, a Russian, and Sophia, a German, meet as young girls in a magical forest that somehow connects Lviv, Ukraine, and Munich. Though they promise to return, the girls are kept apart by war and family conflict. The branches of their family trees have semimystical experiences for generations to come . . . Powerful and dreamlike, this intergenerational meditation on family, mortality, and hope is far more than the sum of its parts.

Andrea Johnson, aka Little Red Reviewer, has similarly kind and enthusiastic sentiments to share on her book review blog:

Reading The History of Soul 2065 is like looking through a photo album — and when you touch someone’s photo, you get pulled into what they were going through at the moment the photo was taken . . . The History of Soul 2065 is so many things. It’s a journey through the histories and dreams of two families, it’s a magical realism way of finding hope when you feel lost, it’s historical fantasy, it’s far future science fiction.

And author Maria Haskins, who writes short fiction reviews for the Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog and also posts short story review roundups on her own blog, was first out of the gate on the book’s Goodreads page, with a five-star review:

A beautifully written book that links together history and fiction, people and stories, past and present. I love how it focuses on “ordinary” lives (that aren’t ever quite as ordinary as we might believe) and the quiet, subtle magic that runs through the world.

Krasnoff’s stories mix an earthy sense of realism with delicate strands of fantasy, the weird, the strange, and even science fiction, and lets us know that there are ghosts and witches at work in the everyday world we all walk through. Following a family through many years, it shows how lives intersect and divert, how people can be connected through time and space, and how we all matter in ways that we don’t always understand ourselves.

I have no doubt there’s more to come. The official release date for The History of Soul 2065 is June 11, and you can pre-order it from all the venues in the list below.

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