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A quick note on MYTHIC DELIRIUM submissions and Issue 0.2 • Mythic Delirium Books

A quick note on MYTHIC DELIRIUM submissions and Issue 0.2

September 23rd, 2013 No Comments

Folks, due to a confluence of many, many overlapping events, I have only now begun to start responding to Mythic Delirium submissions — so my apologies for not being quicker on the draw. Most people who’ve sent something in won’t hear anything until after the reading window closes Oct. 1.
If you’re concerned, queries are always welcome. #SFWApro
The ebook editions of Mythic Delirium 0.2 went out to subscribers this Sunday. Because much of this website is still under construction, I don’t have a separate page exclusively for subscribing, but if you’re interested at all in snagging the entire issue before I start doling it out in monthly increments on the web, here’s a page where you can get that done. Your support allows me to keep buying more stories, poems and art.
Here’s that table of contents again:
The Art of Flying • Georgina Bruce
Katabasis • Liz Bourke
Anna They Have Killed • Jennifer Crow
The Two Annies of Windale Road • Patty Templeton
WereMoonMother • Brittany Warman
Foxfeast • Yoon Ha Lee
Flap • David Sklar
The Girl Who Learned to Live with Bees in Her Hair • Brigitte N. McCray
The Onion Prince • David Sklar

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