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The July-September MYTHIC DELIRIUM is live! • Mythic Delirium Books

The July-September MYTHIC DELIRIUM is live!

July 6th, 2015 No Comments

Mythic_Delirium_2_1_cover_smallMythic Delirium begins its third year as a digital publication (yes, two whole years have past since our print-to-electronic metamorphosis, wow) with three tales of magical protagonists haunted by past events. (See the new issue here.)
We join a vampire moving in the worlds of high fashion and higher powers; a sea witch crashing a royal wedding with a (familial) blood score to settle; an enchanted chess game with life-and-death consequences, with the opponents separated by a century.
Our poems in this issue add new chapters to the tales of Oz and The Tempest, grant new coats to villains and secret lives to cabinets, discover new senses and damaged but working hearts.
The stories come courtesy of Sara M. Harvey, Cassandra Khaw and Barbara Krasnoff, while Jane Yolen, Sandi Leibowitz, Shira Lipkin, Hannah Strom-Martin, Anne Carly Abad and Alicia Cole provide the poetry. Our spectacular cover art, inspired by Cassandra’s story, comes from Paula Arwen Owen.
The new issue is available in full on Amazon (click here) and at Weightless Books (click here) or you can subscribe to a full year of Mythic Delirium for only $10 and receive it that way too.
And if you’d like a sample, our featured content for July is live! Here’s what’s new and free to read and what we’ll make available in the months ahead:


Featured in July
The Sound of Blue • Sara M. Harvey
The Perfumer • Alicia Cole
Ariel’s Release • Sandi Leibowitz


Featured in August
Her Pound of Flesh • Cassandra Khaw
The Villain’s Coat • Hannah Strom-Martin
The Secret Life of Cabinets • Anne Carly Abad

Featured in September
Sophia’s Legacy • Barbara Krasnoff
Four Chambers • Shira Lipkin
Dorothy Before Oz • Jane Yolen


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