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The October-December MYTHIC DELIRIUM is here • Mythic Delirium Books

The October-December MYTHIC DELIRIUM is here

October 1st, 2015 No Comments

Mythic_Delirium_2_1_cover_smallThe autumn 2015 issue of Mythic Delirium is here, full of not-so-straightforward takes on love and revolution and celestial mayhem. Check it out on the web here.
In our fiction offerings for this quarter, Fred Coppersmith cautions us about the devastating power of words (and words of power), Michael J. DeLuca demonstrates that even fantasy lands aren’t safe from the brutality of politics, and Vanessa Fogg shows us that even when ensconced in a lunar wonderland, the grass is always greener on another world.
Our poems span stars and planets and gods, time and music and witchcraft, seasons and deaths and what remains behind, courtesy of Sandi Leibowitz, Wendy Rathbone, Beth Cato, Judith Roney, Sonya Taaffe, Shveta Thakrar, and J.C. Runolfson. Our beautiful cover is by Likhain.
The new issue is available in full on Amazon (click here) and at Weightless Books (click here) or you can subscribe to a full year of Mythic Delirium for only $10 and receive it that way too.
Enjoy the harvest! You can have a taste of it now, in fact, as the featured content for October is live!
Here’s what’s new and free to read and what we’ll make available in the months ahead:
Featured in October (live now)
Directions • Fred Coppersmith
Hedgerow Benediction • Sandi Leibowitz
The Fallen Months • Wendy Rathbone
The City • Beth Cato
Featured in November
• The Coup in Elfland • Michael J. DeLuca
• Artifacts • Judith Roney
• Aetiologies • Sonya Taaffe
Featured in December
• Moon Story • Vanessa Fogg
• Star Fishing • Shveta Thakrar
• Jupiter Dis(mis)ed • J.C. Runolfson

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